Sunday, January 15, 2006

Considering a Comment Policy

My previous post on the blog of NTUC Income CEO has been getting some attention of late. Within the last two weeks or so, three comments have been posted (after this one). A few minutes ago, I removed two of the latest posting from "Veronica" and "Those Who Know". Reasons stated here.

While I advocate bloggers and commenters to identify themselves, I'm perfectly fine with anonymous comments. There are people who might feel a bit shy about leaving their name for the Whole Wide World to see. But attacks on persons or personalities are strictly no-no.

We challenge the Idea; not the Individual.

Perhaps I should post a Blog Comment Policy -- something like this. But not yet. I'm not changing my comment feature setting just yet. I can still manage the load since I don't have regular commenters by the thousands, hundred, tens.