Friday, January 27, 2006

Upcoming Museum Roundtable Blog Committee Meeting

I was really flattered when folks at NHB invited me to be on their "Museum Roundtable Blog Committee". Now before some of you go "Duh, not another Gahmen Committee", let me say that I have a really good feeling about this committee, and I'm confident the committee wouldn't be filled with "stuffed-shirts".

There's no surprise that NHB is setting up a blog (read this HTML version of their PDF press release, dated 22 Nov 05).

Mr. Otterman, Siva, blogged about it in this post:
And an earlier stab at heritage blogging can be seen at Heritage SG. It already proved useful - a post there in October last year alerted me to an animation on the Battle of Pasir Panjang that was to be featured on television. I reported that to Habitatnews and many of us, especially that Pasir Panjang Guides caught that screening and discussed it.

I've been given persmission to post about the meeting, so here's the agenda:
1) Finalise the name of the (Museum) blog
2) Set the direction of the blog
3) Discussion of the various roles and responsibilities
4) Finalise the blog policy
5) Discuss on activities to reach heritage enthusiasts and get them involved in blogging

Like I said, I have a very good feeling about the blog (inspite of my being in the committee!). For one, they are letting people blog about the work-in-progress. That's part of what blogging is about, where people are clued-in right from the start (as opposed to a PR website where you're just passively reading the final information).



  1. Thanks for the heads up Ivan. We are all excited about it too!

  2. This sounds really exciting. Will keep an eye out for this.


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