Sunday, January 15, 2006

Music Experiment: January Skies

Some days back, I tried convincing the High Browse Team to do podcasts (or related) for High Browse Online. They weren't convinced. So it was back to the drawing board for me. I figured I have to lead by example and understand more of the related technologies, which was partly why I spent the Sunday afternoon experimenting with the recording and publishing of my own audio.

Signed up with Internet Archives to upload the file.
It's now available at this URL:
(download from the links on the left)

Process was simplier than I expected. Take one simple no-frills microphone, plug it to a laptop. Place laptop and mic on top of a upright-piano. Launch the sound recording/ editing software (freeware). Play a few bars, take sample recordings, adjust the volume controls... try a few takes... sounds OK. Fiddled with sound editing software -- that took a longer time but it was easy enough. Find a audio hosting service, create an account, upload file -- and hey, I've become a published musician in less than a day!

Only minor editing involved -- cutting out the front and end (where there was just silence), increasing the overall playback volume, and adding a "Wah-wah" effect to one small part near the end of the track.

By a stroke of luck, the recording plays nicely as a single track, but also as a continuous track too. I'm playing it on a loop as I'm writing this post.

Yes, it's an original composition. No, I didn't deliberately set out to play this piece (it was just four chords that I was most familiar with, my neighbours would attest). Yes, I'm bloody pleased with the results!

I might blog more about how it was done. All I wanna say for now is, "I did this and it feels GOOD!" *ahem* : )

Please feel free to download, share, even modify (all for non-commercial use). I only ask that you attribute the original work to the author.

[Useful reference on sites to upload files/ host podcasts -- thanks to Kenneth Pinto].

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  1. Wah, never thought I find a librarian on a the blogsphere. I am from Kuching, speak Hokkien like many Singaporean, I think our variety is slightly different. See waht you think. From Sisuahlai.

  2. No problem at all. Listening to it now. =)


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