Sunday, January 01, 2006

Upcoming book -- Naked Conversations : How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers

Congratulations to Robert Scoble and Shel Israel on the publication of their book. I've not read this book yet (release date 24 Jan 2006):
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 047174719X

A catalogue entry has already been created for NLB OPAC. The book would be made available in the public libraries. Too bad NLB doesn't provide RSS alerts on book arrivals (if you've always wondered why and want to get it off your chest, go submit a feedback/ suggestion).

Must remember to ask Shel (meeting him in a few week's time) if he and Scoble considered putting up the book online, like what Dan Gillmor over at his blog for "We the Media". I know the book chapters were written and refined by posting them over at Naked Conversations, but that's not quite the same.

Meantime, Jeremiah Owyang shares what he considers as the juicy bits from the book (thanks for the heads-up, Jeremiah). I hope to get my hands on the book soon, and will post something over at RawNotes. If you want to "listen in" to more related discussions and posts about the book, click on this technorati tag: .

BTW, Scoble wrote that he ended 2005 in a book store. I wonder how many Singaporeans ended their 2005 in libraries (library staff not withstanding).



  1. I'm glad to help

    I had lunch with Shel and Robert this last week with Hu Yoshida (CTO of HDS) we learned a lot from these fellas

    I endorse this book

  2. Check out the Podleaders Podcast at . There is an episode that talks about the book.

  3. Ivan,

    I'll bring a copy of Naked Conversations with me when I see you in 17 days. It will be so nice to see you. So much has happened since you first told me how you saw blogs as "verbal diarhea," and I told you that I wish could make a living as a blogger.


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