Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Batgirl meme

Billy Tan emailed me a while back, about this Batgirl meme going round the Livejournal community. Billy also informed me:
... Barbara Gordon was actually librarian of the Gotham Police Department. Thought you might share that with your colleagues, should be nice to know you guys are represented in superhero land.

Hmm... interesting.

Maybe I'll draw my own version of "Batgirl". But for now, I've got some "homework" to do. A colleague asked me to draw some pictures for the new set of (fiction) Genre Guides that's coming up. More about this later.



  1. Here's my tribute to NLB's selection of graphic novels.

  2. thanks for the shoutout, Ivan.
    Rex Libris looks to be quite interesting, and don't forget Lucien from Sandman.

    hmm, librarians seem to be lagging behind archeologists in the hero alter-ego category, see Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, that Da Vinci Code dude.


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