Tuesday, January 10, 2006

TechnoratiTopDog meme

Kevin (theory.isthereason.com) passes this meme. He's a nice chap (ok, more than nice) so I'll take it up. I followed his instructions, steps 1 to 6:

#1 - Make sure you’ve claimed your blog on Technorati and given it 20 relevant tags (Learn how here)
Done. Claimed it and added the tags some time ago. I have eight tags:
librarian, Librarianship, Public Libraries, Public Library, public library service, ramblinglibrarian, Singapore, singapore librarian.

#2 - Go to Technorati Blog Finder
#3 - Search for the tags you’ve given your blog (e.g. Singapore, librarian)
... uh huh, I chose the first tag and typed in "librarian" in the Blog Finder search box...

#4 - Write down how well you rank in that area (it’s listed by authority)
... and the results for librarian: I'm ranked at No. 3, after Library Avengers ("Why you should fall to your knees and worship a librarian. And some other stuff." -- LOL!) and Filipino Librarian.

#5 - Rinse and Repeat until you exhaust all your relevant tags
I did the same with the seven tags. The results for all eight tags are:
"Librarian" - 3rd out of 57 blogs
"Librarianship" - 3rd out of 20 blogs
"Public Libraries" - 1st out of 5 blogs
"Public Library" - 1st out of 3 blogs
"Public Library Service" - 1 of 1 blog
"Rambling Librarian" - 1st of 3 blogs (all 3 are my blogs)
"Singapore" - 19th of 355 blogs (just made it to the list of what Technorati defines as the "20 blogs tagged singapore sorted by authority")
"Singapore Librarian" - 1 of 1 Blog
[Results as of 10 Jan 2006]

#6 - Blog the results, tag “technoratitopdog” and pass it to three others
Ok, have tagged this post and I'll pass it to Filipino Librarian, Doug Johnson (Blue Skunk Blog), and Ruminations (would have more but Kevin says only three).

[Total time taken to do the above (including posting screen shot to flickr.com) -- 15 mins or so.]

Did I do it correctly, Kevin?

It's an interesting exercise in learning more about Technorati Blog Finder (new to me). I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy about being listed (esp. for "Singapore") but it's more of a motivator to carry on blogging rather than thinking "Now-I-am-the-Greatest". As I mentioned in my previous post re: PubSub ranking, the rankings serves more as a reminder that people are reading my blog, and hence to blog responsibly.