Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Corporate Comms Colleagues Catches RSS

Just spent 20 mins explaining RSS and its possible applications to a few of my colleagues from Corporate Communications Dpt (CCD).

It all started when two weeks back, my PLS colleague Isaak alerted one of my CCD colleague about a post from Hindu Times that mentioned NLB, which he picked up via LISnews.org. My colleague asked how he knew about it and Isaak mentioned RSS. I happened to be clued into the correspondence and promptly suggested to my CCD colleague if they wanted to learn more about RSS. They did, and we arranged for an informal sharing session.

This explanation of RSS from BBC News website is pretty good. I recommended Bloglines to them, showed how to subscribe to a feed (like NLB's). Also gave a quick demo on Technorati.com's Watchlist. We touched a little bit (just a wee bit) on blogs and I recommended they read Dan Gillmor's "We the Media". I would've recommended Naked Conversations as well but it slipped my mind.

They're pretty sharp people. I think they get what's RSS.

It's always good to share with folks who's willing to try new things.


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  1. Congrats Ivan... you're making Library 2.0 a reality for Singapore :)


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