Thursday, January 12, 2006

The blog course that didn't happen

I was scheduled to conduct an Introduction to Blogging course (including related technologies like RSS), organised by the Library Association of Singapore (LAS). However, the session was cancelled. The LAS organising committee decided on a minimum of 10 participants. I was told there were only 5 who signed up.

Too bad. Was really looking forward to sharing ideas with fellow colleagues from other libraries in Singapore. Had prepared loads of examples of what overseas librarians and libraries are doing w.r.t. blogs etc. I even had a vision of the course participants populating Frappr.

I wonder why there weren't more participants. Was it the choice of the venue? The fees charged by LAS? The date and timing? Or that they already know about blogs but weren't interested? Or heaven forbid, they have an issue with the Trainer!? I hope not -- Heh heh : )

Maybe I'll suggest to LAS to have Rejection-Feedback forms. I mean, it's common to solicit feedback from participants after the programme, to identify areas for improvement and to continue with areas done well. So it makes sense to have Rejection-Feedback forms too.

I have another training opportunity coming up, this time with Preetam as co-presenter. Will blog about it soon.