Monday, January 02, 2006

Pair of monkeys spotted at Yishun Park

[Update 3 Jan: Siva has picked up this post, and I've added the tag as Siva suggests.]

My wife and I visited Yishun Park today and we spotted a pair of wild monkeys in a tree. I happened to have my digital camera along and snapped a few pictures. Decided to blog it because:
  1. I think Siva (Habitatnews) & friends might be interested to know about this
  2. To demonstrate how blogs (and related online tools) can be used as a means for information sharing and exchange
  3. It's not everyday that I get to see wild monkeys and capture them on camera (what luck!)

There are two monkeys in the picture, at the top-left corner and bottom-right. Click on the image for a better view (I've used the 'Notes' feature to point them out):
Monkeys spotted at Yishun Park_b_020106

This was the one at the top-left corner:
Monkeys spotted at Yishun Park_a_020106

Same one again:
Monkeys spotted at Yishun Park_c_020106

Pictures were taken at about 5:54pm, 2 Jan 2006. If I had my bearings right, it's at the edge of the park at the junction between Yishun Ave 11 and Yishun Ring Road.



  1. Yes, I think Siva would be interested. Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. That's Penny and me lah... we drop by Singapore for the New Year celebration :P

  3. Anonymous2:45 pm

    I saw them both at the Yishun park yesterday morning! They seemed happy and people left them alone. Hope they remain safe.


  4. I was there again, and what worries me is that people are feeding the monkeys. Not sure if that will make them too reliant on humans and end up grabbing food or harassing kids.


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