Monday, January 02, 2006

Pair of monkeys spotted at Yishun Park

[Update 3 Jan: Siva has picked up this post, and I've added the tag as Siva suggests.]

My wife and I visited Yishun Park today and we spotted a pair of wild monkeys in a tree. I happened to have my digital camera along and snapped a few pictures. Decided to blog it because:
  1. I think Siva (Habitatnews) & friends might be interested to know about this
  2. To demonstrate how blogs (and related online tools) can be used as a means for information sharing and exchange
  3. It's not everyday that I get to see wild monkeys and capture them on camera (what luck!)

There are two monkeys in the picture, at the top-left corner and bottom-right. Click on the image for a better view (I've used the 'Notes' feature to point them out):
Monkeys spotted at Yishun Park_b_020106

This was the one at the top-left corner:
Monkeys spotted at Yishun Park_a_020106

Same one again:
Monkeys spotted at Yishun Park_c_020106

Pictures were taken at about 5:54pm, 2 Jan 2006. If I had my bearings right, it's at the edge of the park at the junction between Yishun Ave 11 and Yishun Ring Road.