Monday, January 09, 2006

What's the CE of NLB reading?

The chief executive of NLB shares what he read over the holidays, and what he intends to read next:
During the recent holidays, I finished reading The Kite Runner and Digital Fortress. Currently, I’m in the early stages of reading Deception Point.

From my Technorati Watchlist, I discovered one blogger who wrote:
My reaction though was completely different from that of the learned chief executive of the National Library Board. After a few chapters, I simply could not continue. The blasphemies were too much for me to endure.

You can guess what book is being discussed here (and this is yet another example of how libraries can leverage on blogs to discover what people are discussing about them).

I left a comment to invite the blogger to visit High Browse Online to share his views (ah, another example of how blogs can be used to engage the public where reading is concerned).