Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lunar New Year

Saturday. Crisp, clear morning air. A Chinese New Year song strains softly from someone's apartment but it's stopped now. Other faint sounds from outside my window: crows cawing, birds twittering, boys training on a soccer pitch with their coach shouting instructions, a toddler playing on the swing; more kids now.

It's the eve of the Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year), one of the major holidays in Singapore. I figured I might as well post something brief, for the benefit of non-Asian readers of this blog. Here's something about the Chinese New Year (from a Canadian University, of all places -- but information is pretty accurate). The wikipedia entry is quite comprehensive as well.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the Year of the Dog. Incidentally, is not accepting any non-dog or orange entries for the next few days.

Ok, time for me to vacuum the house and mop the floor. Then it's off to my parent's place for Reunion Dinner. Which reminds me -- gotta prepare Ang Pows for my parents and in-law and siblings.

Wife and the dog is are still sleeping. Good excuse for me to sit here longer, listening to the neighbourhood waking up.

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