Friday, September 08, 2006

The Youth.SG podcasts

I learnt of the Youth.SG podcasts only recently. My favourites are definitely their inaugural podcast "Yi Qing wins her first pageant", and the follow-up "Another bad pick-up line from Yi Qing".

"Yi Qing wins her first pageant"

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Listen to the part on the "bad pickup line that a girl can say to a guy", i.e. "Hey you've got great legs, what..."; I think the rest of the folks were trying hard not to laugh and disrupt the recording. But I say they should have just let loose, heh.

"Another bad pick-up line from Yi Qing"

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This one features a bad pick-up line, from a guy to a girl. I found it funny, I don't know why.

The rest of the podcasts can be heard/ subscribed via this link.


  1. Eh, how 'bout guest-starring on our show? hehe... i promise we'll let loose! ;)

  2. Sure. And you can call it the "Really Really Boring Episode". heh. I think you should do more of Yi Qing.

  3. Wah rao... I'm sure we can spice it up. How about a "Librarian meets the Beauty Queen" episode? I can almost hear it already... ;)

  4. "Librarian meets the Beauty Queen"? Yeah. It'll be a 30sec clip with 25 secs of "zzzz" and 5 secs of "*snort* uh, we're 'live'?" OK Ok , let me consider. Make me an offer I can't refuse. You know how to reach me.


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