Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Denver Public Library's podcasts (and Lansing's)

Senior Librarian, Cassi Pretlow, from Denver Public Library found my blog and informed me that they launched their podcast site recently, at podcast.denverlibrary.org (thanks, Cassi!)

She also adds that they are currently focusing on children's stories (available from the public domain) and will eventually add adult and teen content. In short, they recorded their readings of stuff without copyright restrictions, like some popular nursery rhymes.

I have listened to a few of their podcasts. Ah, Subscribed! All the readings were done by someone called "Mer". My compliments to Mer. She's got a nice voice. Is Mer a librarian?

Oh, wait... what's this? "Harry and the Potters Interview"? Heh.

Speaking of library podcasts, it's been sometime since I listened in to Lansing Library's. So I played this one and this one from their Teen News Blog. I believe they got their own teen library member (Emily) to read the review? Nice work, Emily. She sounded a bit shy but I think there's nothing wrong with that. She sound REAL, and I think that works for a teen-related blog. Emily ought read longer passages. She has a nice voice. OK, now I'm wondering who's Emily?

I also liked how they've inserted a consistent (and very snazzy) voice-over at the start and end of each of their podcast. It's the audio equivalent of a corporate logo. Nice idea.

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  1. Emily is one of our teenage patrons. This summer, teens could write a book review on an old card catalog card to enter the drawing for the big prizes (an iPod Shuffle, remote control model airplane, or $50 gift card for Best Buy). They had a maximum of 3 entries per week. Teens who chose to come in at a designated time to record their reviews for podcasting received 4 chances to win for each 3 they recorded. The reviews are short, because you can't fit much on a 3" by 5" card! The podcasts were recorded at 3 different times during the summer, and only 4 teens took advantage of the chance to increase their odds to win! I believe the teen who won the iPod shuffle was one who recorded her reviews to earn extra chances.


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