Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Library Association of Singapore now has a blog!

Here it is, the blog of the Library Association of Singapore (LAS)! Singapore Libraries Bulletin Blog (
We are making use of the weblog platform with the aim of being more interactive, as members can add their comments to the articles posted as soon as they read it. We hope LAS members will enjoy the Bulletin in this form. We invite your comments and your feedback!

Here's the feed -->

Now I can update the space reserved for LAS in this list used during the blog course organised by LAS : )

Their blog wasn't created because of the blog course per se. I don't have that kind of influence. I suspect it has to do with the overall momentum that has been steadily building up. LAS has long considered using an online forum as part of their website, before blogs came onto the scene. Recently, LAS decided to stop printing hardcopies of the Singapore Libraries Bulletin (SLB) newsletter.

About two weeks back, Pin Pin (chair of the LAS Editorial Committee, of which I'm a member) informed the committee that LAS has given her the go-ahead to start a blog. She and I met to explore ideas, and almost overnight she created a working blog using Wordpress. A few emails later, minor changes were made and the SLB blog is in business.

Moving over to a blog platform made a lot of sense, especially since the newsletter would no longer be printed. Afterall, the primary objective of the newsletter was to highlight library-related events in Singapore, and now they could have a forum of sorts for free (by using free blog hosting service). Usual advantages of using a blog applies -- like having a searchable online archive for SLB content (a print archive would still be needed, and we're sorting this one out). The money and time saved by not producing the printed newsletter could be used for other LAS activities.

Oh, I have to add that Pin Pin did all the work in setting up the SLB blog -- from choosing the design, posting the initial content, and making subsequent refinements. There might be some tweaking of the SLB blog over the next few months. So far, it looks pretty good as far as I'm concerned.

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  1. Hoorah!!! Way to go, LAS!!!
    This is one of the best thing that has happened since I joined LAS mid this year...haha...:P

    I'll be linking this wonderful blog to my blog....:>

    thanks to Pin Pin for creating this wunderfullll blog.....:)


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