Sunday, September 24, 2006

Podcast: August Nights (2006)

Ok, so I don't play like this guy, FunTwo (if you've not seen his rendition of Pachelbel's Canon, do yourself a favour and go watch it! Even Siva's raving about it, LOL)

But the video inspired me to pick up my guitar and just TRY to do something. Which eventually came up as this:

powered by ODEO

[Here's the post at MyRightBrain with a screenshot of the GarageBand tracks and a few additional notes]

My playing is absolutely nowhere as good the Funtwo kid. He demonstrates almost the entire range of speed-playing techniques -- sweeps, pull-offs, hammering, speed-picking... and did it all in one take. I'm just thankful for things like GarageBand, which allows me to edit and splice my recordings, thereby allowing me to get by with my passable playing.

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  1. Fwah! POweerrrrrrrr la brudda! Didn't know you were also the "Rambling Musician"!! Rock onnn!!

  2. thanks Ivan. This was a great pick me up in the middle of a long day!


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