Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't be Phished by the (Inter)Net

Thanks to Beverly of Sugargrove Public library, I learnt about this potential bug in Google's Public Search service, from the NewsForge website -- "Google Public Service Search makes for easy phishing", September 15, 2006.

I tried to verify the information by checking the Official Google Blog, but they don't seem to have posted anything on that. In anycase, the alert is a good reminder of the potential hazards of Internet technology. It might be a good thing for us to be paranoid when it comes to giving out data like passwords, user IDs.

There are useful resources on how to avoid being scammed, or actions to take when you think you have been tricked (like this one).

My general consideration when registering for any online service is this -- "What's the potential damage to me if I give out this information". I would imagine the worse case scenario (e.g. someone has broken into my account) and think about the probable effects. If I'm not prepared to suffer those consequences, then I won't provide that information or even sign up for the service.

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