Saturday, September 30, 2006

Podcast: Dreaming Of Better Days

This is my 3rd rock-instrumental, titled "Dreaming Of Better Days":

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"How it was done", over at MyRightBrain.

BTW, I'm wasn't dreaming of this "Better Days" though, LOL. The title of the song alludes to thinking about positive things ahead. It's supposed to be a feel-good song.

I wonder if my life would have taken a different path if things like GarageBand had been available when I was a kid. While a Mac is not cheap, it's definitely much more affordable compared to setups like this:

[Image source:]

Those are guitar effect pedals, btw. They're called "pedals" because you step on them to turn the effect on/ off. In essence, an electric guitar sounds just like any steel string acoustic guitar (i.e. folk guitar). You get the different sounds and effects from the electric guitar with various effect pedals (the amplifiers also play a part, and the guitar pickups). I still can't get over how many cool guitar effects one can get from GarageBand. Shaun (whom I recently learnt, played the guitar too) will probably drool over that setup.

Speaking of equipment... There is no certainty that access to equipment would result in a young person's continued pursuit and development in an activity (like playing the electric guitar). But it's a certainty that lack of access would mean the young person never develops beyond the basics, or even discover their interest and potential talent in the first place.

One could say that the issue is of "Access".

I know what the regular readers of this blog are thinking: "There he goes again, alluding to libraries". Yeah, there's certainly the connection but I wasn't referring to reading or libraries per se, but about Learning and Life Choices. I'll expand on this in another post.

For now, I'll be Dreaming of Better Days (corny right? Heh)

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  1. *roll eyes* library connection again! Still you are right about musical opportunities - was recently reading about the early years of some members of Green Day and Black Eyed Peas and they all got started young.

    But think of it, I saw a whole bunch of civil servants outside NLB having some aerobic work out not too long ago. So how about a jamming room next? Sound proof room would be helpful I suppose!

    Anyway its beeen fantastic how you really took offf with Garage Band, dude.

  2. oh, so amazing Ivan, thanks for sharing. Makes getting a mac so worth the while. Always wanted to have a mini studio set up as a kid. Very tempting solution here. Oh, your epiphone rocks.


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