Saturday, September 30, 2006

CNET establishes presence in Second Life

Maybe NLB could go rustle up a few LindeX and do something like this (via Steve Rubel):
CNET has expanded its presence online with a new virtual outpost inside Second Life. The space includes a building that looks like CNET's offices in San Francisco offices.

What does it mean, and how would it work for libraries?

Well I presume you're past the introduction stage and have some basic understanding of how Second Life works (not that I'm an expert though). In essence, it's like constructing another library branch/ outlet in this virtual location called "Second Life". Your users can choose to visit this branch by logging in to Second Life, and teleporting to that branch location.

What services will you find in that branch? I think I'll explore that in another post. But what do you think? : )

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