Saturday, September 23, 2006

Podcast: Red Umbrella Reprise 2006 (musical collaboration)

I blogged about Singaporean Singer-songwriter, Frederick Lin, after my FIJ alerted me about his blog. In that post, I mentioned about not his CC license not allowing modifications. I wanted to add an electric guitar track to one of his songs. From my trackback link to his blog, Frederick discovered my post and he graciously gave me permission, with a request that I let him listen to it after I'm done.

I'm happy to say he didn't object to my amateur effort, so here it is -- "Red Umbrella Reprise 2006":

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Frederick's piano piece has not been modified at all. It's still the mainstay of the song. I've only added a guitar track, a percussion track, and incidentals.

About 15 years ago, there was a song by two singers (Sting and Bryan Adams?) where the recorded their respective vocal parts separately. Both singers never met for the recording of the song. Their recordings were seamlessly mixed together. When their song was released, that fact was one of its selling point.

For "Red Umbrella Reprise 2006", I'm reminded of how far technology has progressed, where the same thing could be done (recording, mixing, publishing) with relatively inexpensive equipment, and by two strangers. In my case, I don't even have specialised training on mixing and recording. The outcome is pretty OK, imho.

Heh, my first musical collaboration. Thanks for sharing, Frederick. :)

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