Monday, September 04, 2006

Who's Blogging About Bishan (Community Library)?

I searched via for "Bishan Community Library" and "Bishan Library" and got some very interesting results. It could just be my perception, but I've noticed that there are more blog posts about library openings this time round, compared to last year when I did a similar search for the opening for the National Library. A sign that even more Singaporeans are blogging?

Interestingly, the posts that spelt BICL in full (Bishan Community Library) seemed to be mostly by older persons, while those that just used the (less accurate) term "Bishan Library" seemed to be mostly by students around 16 years old or thereabouts. I figured they were students from the tone and writing style. And you can't miss when tHey tYPe liKe Dis! :)

Some of the more interesting posts (there are more but I didn't have time to read them all):

With blogs (and search tools to retrieve relevant blog posts), I'm learning a lot more about what our users feel about libraries -- their likes and dislikes, perceptions and observations -- stuff they don't necessarily write or tell us otherwise.

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  1. Fascinating right? Because I subscribe to the RSS feed for technorati tag: Singapore, I get did chance upon the Bishan library opening mentioned on a few random blogs. For a librarian like yourself, I think what you've done here this is the best way of getting public feedback. :)

  2. It could be that the recent ST article about Bishan being a youth magnet is true: it's generally (Chun See, Victor et al. notwithstanding) the younger ones who blog.

    More Singaporeans may be blogging, but I think that Singaporeans are becoming aware of the possibilities of blogging beyond using its personal journal function.

    One more possibility: The NLB's blogs are generating a mini-following in the local blogosphere. You know, bloggers like to blog about people/companies that blog too. I recall the new National Library opened before NLB got their blogs into full swing.


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