Saturday, September 16, 2006

Singapore War Heroine, Elizabeth Choy, passes on

[Update 17 Sept: Here are more resources about Mrs. Choy, at ASK!]

Not everyone's blogging about the IMF/ World Bank meet though. This week, Singapore mourns the passing of Elizabeth Choy. Siva remembers her as a legend among his peers in school back in 1973, but its for something simplier (worth reading his post for the useful links and articles, including an audio interview of Mrs. Choy).

I think alot of people know her better as War Heroine. Relatively few might know that that she was Singapore's first woman legislator, and she headed the Singapore School for the Blind after leaving politics.

Here's a link to a Singapore Infopedia article about Mrs. Choy, written by my colleague and fellow Liblogarian, Bonny (aka Saigon Tai-tai -- yeah, she's finally come clean with her blogging past unlike when we first started The Memory Tree).

Mrs. Choy passed on at the age of 96. That's a long time to live. And lived well, by all accounts.

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