Monday, September 04, 2006

The Art of Cooking & The Art of Blogging

Initially I took this post on Making Indomie Mi Goreng from Siva quite seriously. Was about to include it to my Creative Learning collection. But reading it again, I don't know. What do you think? :)
... slowly mix the four seasoning... It will initially look quite messy but after 77 seconds... Now, take out the mee from the boiling water (should be boiled for 3 min 19 sec)... Put an egg into the boiling water for 3 mins 24 sec... there are still white parts but continue to mix it for 2 min 11 sec... NOW, take out the egg (after 3 min 24 sec and should be 2/3 boiled)...
LOL. Did Siva's friend take a stopwatch and timed all that?

Well I didn't count the seconds when I did my "Egg + Leftover Cheese powder/ chili Flakes Sandwich".

Egg and Leftover-Cheese & Chilli Flakes SandwichA friend asked me, "What made you blog about the making of the Egg Sandwich?"

I explained that apart from creating a post for my Creative Learning collection (for a work-related project), there was no particular reason.

Maybe I wanted to record my spur-of-the-moment recipe for future reference. Also, what may seem frivolous could be useful information to another person. Worse that can happen is that I contribute to information overload (but that only makes Librarians ever more needed, heh).

But as I whack out this post on my Mac, I'm reminded how Blogging is about Conversations.

Take this earlier post from my FIJ, about Instant Cup Noodles. To most people in Singapore, the subject is nothing new. But then the post attracted the attention of this blogger who shared about the availability of Instant Noodle quick fix on Singapore Airlines.

Of course, that piece of information isn't particularly earth-shattering, and it's unverified from my point of view (I didn't ask when I last flew SQ). But potentially useful information nonetheless.

My point, after this ramble?

Cooking is an Art rather than a Science, as most people will agree. The same is true of Blogging as a cultural phenomenon.

We don't really need to verify or justify 'Art'.

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  1. heather2:30 am

    oh my god, u just posted the picture of my favourite mee goreng instant noodles. Now I'm having cravings......!!

  2. Just to clarify, that recipe is by YCC, from 2000. He still swears by it. Now to try to get him to comment on the post!

  3. Anonymous3:28 pm

    I support with the quote of "cooking is a piece of art". It is not only required good ingredients but also the atmosphere, surrounding and mood. I love sharing cooking tips. Maybe you should set up a blog called COOKING LIBRARIAN! From Kitty

  4. Kitty, I have way too many blogs as it is :) I'd rather another librarian set it up and let me know about it.

  5. Hi Rambling Librarian,

    Here's for you to try ... another way of making grilled cheese sandwich (minus egg) :)

  6. Thanks for the link, MyMuzingz. Have blogged it here.


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