Friday, April 28, 2006

Starting a mailing list for Library Disability Services

For someone who professes to have a professional interest in Library Disability Services, I realise don't post much about the topic. I think about it alot but I don't write about it. I'm not sure why... anyway, this might change.

Yesterday, just before the Paul Theroux session, I had an informal discussion with a few colleagues who shared a certain like-mindedness about the provision of library services to people with disabilities. At the end of our discussion, I decided to start a mailing list for librarians and just about everybody else interested in the topic of Library Disability Services in Singapore.

Specifically, the list would be for people who are interested in doing something -- or already doing, or getting something done -- for, or with People with Disabilties.

To put it in point form:
  • A librarian-facilitated network
  • For those in the library and information profession, as well any other people;
  • Who have a shared interest;
  • About the provision of library/ information services;
  • To people with disabilities

This would be a personal initiative, i.e. not affliated with my employer or any other organisation. I just want to get something going rather than try and raise it through formal channels. Faster that way.

I hope to have some library professionals in Singapore join me in getting this list started or contributing to the list. I don't know how many would be keen... Maybe it will be a list with a membership of one. Maybe it'll turn out to be a mailing list for Ivan's Monologues.

Ah, heck -- what have I got to lose? Just do it : )

Thinking aloud:
  • There can be no action without awareness;
  • There can be no awareness without dialogue;
  • There can be no dialogue without some starting point

Hence, this mailing list would be a starting point for dialogue, that hopefully gets translated into action.

Right now, I'm trying to think of a name for this list:
  1. Singapore Librarians For Library Disability Services (SLFLDS)
  2. Librarians For Disability Services, Singapore (LFDSS)
  3. Volunteer Librarians For Library Disability Services
  4. Singapore Librarians Disability Services Support Network (SLDSSN)
  5. Singapore Librarians Disability Services Support Group (SLDSSG)
  6. Singapore Librarians Disability Services Network (SLDSN)
I'm kinda leaning towards #4.

It's a mouthful but it conveys the scope and intent of the list, it's more inclusive for non-librarians, yet still conveys that it's a librarian-facilitated network.

Suggestions from the Blogosphere for names would be most welcome.



  1. Anonymous2:10 am

    Cool idea, looking forward to what will come out of it. What existing services are there currently? maybe it'll be a nice starting point.

  2. Maybe it's a gd idea to roughly figure out the this a list that informs the mailants abt the upcoming svcs, or is this an initiative to raise awareness and invite contributions and volunteers? Or, is it to publicize that this group you intend to start is capable of providing physical and resource support?
    Then maybe you cld better figure out which name to use...Coz "network" & "support group" aren't really clear at first sight abt the nature of this "group"...Hwever, I do think this is an idea/intent that is commendable...

  3. Sounds great!
    Only thing is, those letters and abbreviations are a mouthful.. How about something short, non-abbreviated, and maybe insightful. Thinking of "Reading Aid"

    which conveys intent, can carry on the well-known application of hearing aid, steers away from focusing on Disability to focusing -- and is a bit easier to remember.. :>

    But regardless of name, I think the idea itself rocks!

  4. Ivan: Good idea, but I'm not clear on what you are looking for. Does this involve interior library design (architecture) for accessibility, or a collection of resources useful for the disabled?

    As always, I'm aligned with shorter names. The easier to talk about, the better.


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