Friday, April 21, 2006

Being a Librarian Vs. Job title = "Librarian"

Last post before I hit the sack:
Read Billy's post about him landing a job as a teacher. He decided he's "fought the good fight" for a library job but time to move on and try something else. Heh, Billy, always be wary of what you wish for, 'cos you just might get it! LOL

I'm just kidding. I've high regards for Billy (hats off to anyone who sets a target of reading a book a week for 52 weeks AND making it happen!)

What I really want to write is the part where he says he couldn't be a librarian. I feel there's a difference between "being called a 'Librarian' based on job title" and "Being a Librarian" per se.

The former is just a Word while the latter is An Attitude.

Good luck, Billy. You might still find yourself a teacher and placed in charged of the school library. If you set your mind to that, I'm sure you'll make that happen. It could be the best of both worlds.

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  1. Ah, thanks for the words of advice, Ivan.

    I'll see what I can do with the school library, but that's a ways away yet.

  2. Interesting, Ivan. I was a teacher for 20+ years and am so glad I could retire. Teaching surely isn't for the faint of heart...loved the kids, hated the bull received from administration and all the paperwork. They don't allow teachers to actually teach kids any more...and it's amazing the number of ways one can teach reading...especially if the school district can pay more money for it!

    Oh, well, I'll get off my soapbox.

    I like your blog.

  3. David1:15 am

    is there any way to work at the library/or any related departments part time? Interested in library work but currently a student on school vaction...

  4. Hi David, you may submit your CV and other related info via the NLB website (look under the Contact Us link).

  5. David1:45 am


    thanks for the reply:D how long does it take usually to get a reply??

    p.s. i dont really see many young people working at library:( Only plenty of students doing community work

  6. You'd get an acknowledgement within a day but depending on how specific or complex your request, might take more time to work out.

    Depends on what you mean by "young people" working in the library. You mean like paid staff? Well there's quite a bit of training involved. "Library Work" is not something that one can walk in and start doing, which explains why students with limited time to spend only help with shelving etc.


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