Saturday, April 29, 2006

Me, a Radical Librarian?

Stumbled upon these slides titled:
Revolting Librarians Redux Review
A Short and Inexact History
of Progressive Librarianship
With some thoughts
about its future
by Jessamyn "I have a Masters degree in Librarianship" West (i.e. Total 14 slides for a TLA presentation (she adds at the end "there was no PowerPoint involved in this presentation except as a nagging bad example"). Heh.

The slides were quite interesting in themselves. I could roughly make out the context of the presentation though not the entire context without listening the the actual presentation. Then I came to slide 11, where under "what other radical librarians are up to", I've been listed as the example point from Singapore (see point 5 "outreach").

Me, a Radical Librarian? Heh. Thanks for the compliment.

I'm not quite sure what Jessamyn had to say about the "thoughts for the future". Would have loved to be there. I popped over to her blog to see if she'd blogged about this talk (she did) and whether there was a podcast (there wasn't... pity). The presentation went well for her, so that's great.

Wonder if any librarians at her presentation asked, "Where's Singapore?"

Oh, TLA = Texas Library Association.

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  1. "progressive" is what I've been saying now, which has a slightly nicer ring to it than radical for whatever reason. Sorry no podcast, though if you click on "printable" you'll see all the notes that I read, though I mostly did show and tell for the last slide. I talked about the September Project and used your chat as a great example of getting people from diverse backgrounds to talk to each other and learn other perspectives other than just our own. Thanks for the inspiration!


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