Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Instructables: Social Innovation site

Learnt about this via Jeremiah's blog:
Instructables is a social innovation website that enables users to upload and share processes for items and projects that may not be documented elsewhere. Lots of creativity, collaboration, and engineering within this community.
We have sites that allow photo-sharing, and then video, text, audio... and now, a site for sharing "processes". The way I see it, it's about sharing ideas and tacit knowledge, and making them public. Nothing spectacular. All quite simple. But often, it's the simple ideas that are brilliant.

I like it.

The Instructables site offer a few feeds, it seems. I've subscribed to this one.

This is also something close to a project that I've been tasked to do, something to do with changing mindsets and preceptions about "Learning". I should be able to blog about it soon, 'cos it's something related to NLB's Library 2010.

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  1. It's not too far off from the wikipedia concept, however this one is more geared toward audio visual processes than pure 'factual' knowledge.

  2. greenpodpea1:33 am

    What a timely discovery! Showcase it as a demo tomorrow..


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