Friday, April 14, 2006

Highlights from NLB Blogs

Selected posts from NLB's Public Libraries book blog, High Browse Online, and the National Library (NL) programmes blog:

The World Cup fever is already upon us and not even the National Library is spared! In the month of May, the theme is going to be Sports and Games and the National Library will be running a variety of related programmes, talks and events with the focus on "The Beautiful Game". In particular, there is going to be a panel discussion where prominent local football personalities would be invited to share their thoughts on issues and events leading up to Germany.

  • NLB Librarian publishes book - "What A Stupid Question" (Congratulations to my colleague, Sharmini, on the launch of her book):
Written by an NLB librarian, it is about many of the great ideas and inventions that probably started off as a stupid question. Easy to read and filled with short stories about 35 inventions and ideas, it is a book that should appeal to teenagers right up to seniors. Read one story a day and you can be inspired to think of a stupid question that could change your life!

What is interesting is their 'The Entrepreneur's Bookshelf', where they feature recommendations on what the good reads are for the aspiring, as well as the seasoned entrepreneur!

The School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is conducting a research study and would like to talk to Singaporean women about watching Korean TV dramas. If you are a female Singaporean above 25 years old, loooove Korean dramas and have been regularly watching it for at least one year or longer, you might just be the one they're looking for! [Details here]


  1. Wanted to email you, but now can just comment. Yay!

    Picked up the WASQ postcard from SAM on Tue. I knew one answer but the other two were driving me to distraction. So I finally googled it and learnt something cool & new.

    I like!

    Are there other postcards or just this one design?

  2. Hi Amy, I think one design only. Not sure really... I'd email my colleagues to ask but hey you can email to the folks at ask sg! :)


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