Saturday, April 15, 2006

Late-breaking news: Unlimited Wordpress blogs

[Found out about this via LazyDrive] - Ah, so now offers Unlimited Blogs:
Ever wanted to start a new blog on and had to register a new account even though you already had one and just wanted another blog, not another login? That was pretty annoying, huh?

No longer! Now when you go to as a logged in user, it lets you simply add another blog to your stable. As many as you want, need, or desire — no limits. You may also notice that when you're logged in the homepage gives you a link to the admin section of all blogs that you have access to.

One more reason to use Will react to this? If they do, I can think of a few suggestions.


  1. FYI you can have multiple blogs under your account.

  2. Thanks Alvin. Actually I'm aware of that. It's one of the advantage that used to have over but not anymore. See my previous post on Starting a New Blog (Part 1).


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