Sunday, April 02, 2006

Art Sunday: My version of Halo

I was attracted to this picture from Kevin's blogpost on the upcoming Halo Graphic Novel:
The Halo Graphic Novel (by Marvel & Bungie Studio)

Which reminded me of this drawing I did way back in 1989:
1989 (May) Armour

Mmm... some similarities there. I guess body armour design doesn't really vary much over the years, does it? And there's the Japanese Anime (ala Gundam) element as well. Here's the gist of how my picture came about (hint: Star Wars Imperial Tie-fighter pilot).

I've not played Halo before (although I almost wanted to buy the game once). Maybe I'll stick to drawing a few more sketches. See if I can come up with an updated body armour design. Shall go check out these books in the library (suggested keywords: "armour", "armour technology", "armour warfare"):

coverModern weapons and warfare: The technology of war from 1700 to the present day
by Will Fowler.
NLB Call No.: Y q355.809 FOW (Young People's Collection)

coverTwentieth-century arms & armour
by Stephen Bull.
NLB Call No.: R 355.820904 BUL (LKCRL collection, reference only)
This book charts the development of modern weaponry from 1900 through to the present day, discussing both close combat and high-tech warfare. In addition other types of arms, such as those used in sport and civil defence, are fully explored.

coverWarfare in Ancient Greece: Arms and armour from the heroes of Homer to Alexander the Great
by Tim Everson.
NLB Call No.: q355.00938 EVE

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  1. Ah, and how I've seen your art improve over the years on your other blog. If I ever go back to Singapore, be sure to remind me to let you try Halo :P


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