Sunday, April 16, 2006

Art Sunday: Green Plant

MyRightBrain.wordpress.comActually I did this on a Saturday. Here's the "How it was done" post, if you care to read it. Surprisingly, I found writing the "How to" post just as fun as the actual sketching and painting.

Come to think of it, what I like about art is the process of achieving the finished work. Documenting the step-by-step process was a way of refreshing that memory, as well as an archive of the process rather than just the finished product. It's part of the individual's learning journey (which includes the sharing component).

Thinking aloud...

  • Is there any value in libraries helping people create such personal archives/ documentation of their learning journeys?
  • Or the library doesn't have a role at all, since there's already the Internet and blogs and other social software?
  • If the library has a role, what would it be?

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