Sunday, April 09, 2006

Follow-up: Art Sunday: Batgirl Chinese-style (Batgirl Meme)

I hope Billy Tan's not blog-stalking me (I'm kidding), 'cos minutes after I posted my entry on my Chinese-style Batgirl, he left this comment:
all thats missing is a name for her sword. wats a wuxia character without a kickass special weapon with a dumbass name?

My reply: "Elsie".

Not exactly a *ahem* kickass-special-weapon-with-dumbass-name in the tradition of Wu-xia (Sword-fighting novels) like "Blade-That-Slays-Dragons" or "Heavenly-Sword".

But let me elaborate why "Elsie". It's a joke I remember from some library-related mailing list. I can't remember the joke verbatim so I've provided my own version as I remembered it. I don't think I tell it as well as when I first read it but here goes:
A new administrator (let's call him Joe) joins a regularly scheduled library meeting for the first time. The librarians are cordial and friendly, but they soon launch into acroymn-filled library-related discussions on collection development and management, cataloguing, services etc. Finally, after a few meetings, Joe couldn't take it anymore and he asks, "You know, I finally figured out who Dewey was. But for the life of me, I still don't know who's this Elsie that you all keep referring to. She seems to be a very important person."

Turned out, Joe was referring to the Library of Congress Subject Headings -- LCSH, which is frequently verbalised as "Al-See-As-Hage" ("L-C-S-H"), or "LC" in short.

Get it?

Ok, if you have suggestions for kick-ass names for the sword for my Batgirl, please go ahead and leave your comments. No need to be restrained on my account. Just keep it clean, eh? :)


  1. sorta inspired by your dragon slaying blade bit..

    the first wuxia styled name that came to mind is "fei tian fu xing" which i guess means the "flying bat" - or literally "flying is the way the bat moves" lol :P

  2. Mmm... how about "Inflictor of a Thousand Deaths to Evil-Doers"? What's that in Mandarin?

  3. ya, i'm totally stalking you with my mad bloglines refreshing skillz...

    seeing as to how she's from the gadget-mad Bat family, there's probably a hidden "RETURNED" stamp at the back of Elsie's hilt.

    Or watever it is librarians actually stamp with nowadays.

  4. "Inflictor of a Thousand Deaths to Evil-Doers" takes a bit of milling over to derive... erm... i shall go retreat into my cave to ponder this deep name. something to the effect of "Qian Jian Tu Muo Dao" - the sabre that kills evil with a thousand swords/stabs... i dunno.. thats the best i can come up with for now :P must quickly go library and borrow wuxia books!!!

    Billy: erm, considering how the libraries are digitized these days, i guess the hilt would spot a barcode instead! :o


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