Sunday, April 23, 2006

Music Sunday: "Brand New Day" piano composition

Took me about 7 hours to do this:
Original piano composition: "Brand New Day", 23 Apr 2006. Length of recording: 2min 24sec. MP3 file (565KB).

Archived at

NOTE: Audio output is rather soft. The recording sounds better with headphones or via an amp. The volume for this piece increases progressively, so watch your ear-drums or speakers! :)

Home Music StudioThis is what my "home music studio" looks like. Basically you need (1) a musical instrument, (2) a microphone, and (3) a computer/ software to record and mix.

No expensive equipment required (the piano and computer hardware notwithstanding). The microphone was part of a headset. The software used for recording and mixing was freeware from

Details of the creative and learning process over at My Right Brain.


Tag: creative learning, music


  1. Love it!!! I play piano too!

  2. Bro, you are truly da renaissance man! Must ask MICA to get you to do a mixed media performance of painting, playing music and reading poetry at the next staff conference.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Walter -- I doubt if MICA wants a performer who has to do almost 50 over takes just to play this 2min piece!


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