Sunday, May 08, 2005

Know of any business blogs in Singapore?

Shel asked if I knew of any business blogs working successfully in Singapore. I don't know of any company or enterprise in Singapore that has done so, let alone successful ones.

Shel & Scoble are writing a book over at The Red Couch, and I guess they may want to interview the company, like this one.

If you have the info, pls email me at or contact the authors at their blog.

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  1. Well, seems like NTUC Income's CEO is doing some blogging although it looks like he's just placing his press releases there at the moment. Nevertheless, it's a good start. Maybe NLB's CE will start blogging as well. :) (Link to Tan Kin Lian's blog)

  2. Great! Thanks Isaak. I emailed him and posted the email interview here.


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