Friday, May 20, 2005

Screenshots for OCLC xISBN bookmarklet for NLB

Many thanks to Mel who, after reading the previous post on the OCLC xISBN bookmarklet, has posted screenshots and step-by-step instuctions on installing the bookmarklet, and to using it. Her post is here.

Mel also points out the recent OCLC bookmarklet's advantage over some earlier versions:
"As a book is often published in various editions and this means different ISBNs, the lookup which makes use of the particular ISBN code from the choosen edition sometimes fails."

She also shows how to use the bookmarklet, so to those who are wondering "why use a bookmarklet?".

Thank you, Mel!

I lurve the Blogosphere.



  1. Anonymous9:07 am

    You're welcome, Ivan. :)

  2. I just popped the link into my browser bar. This is just too bloody cool. >-D

  3. "Bloody Cool". I'm learning new words everyday...


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