Thursday, May 05, 2005

More blogs in three Asian countries than the rest of the world combined

Via Blogspotting:
... someone asked if blogs were a big deal outside the U.S. The panelists barely seemed to know. PubSub founder Bob Wyman had to grab the mike and set the record straight.

He said that there were more bloggers in Korea, China and Japan combined than in the rest of the world. He said Brazil was "totally bloghappy."
Full article here.

Philippines and Malaysia got mentioned. Where does Singapore stand? Doesn't matter. If Singapore does get mentioned, I'd rather we are deemed to have blogs that generate civil and quality conversations.

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  1. you know, sg blogs are too infantile =)

  2. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Hey I know this may be outta point but I feel I must share this with you people.Last week,when i was going home from the market with my mum,I saw a woman,probably in her 40s,stark naked walking round the void deck.She was carrying a handbag and had only her spectacles on.She was seemed to be totally oblivious to the stares of others especially those ah peks.A woman with her young son covered his eyes with her hands and quickly walked away telling her son not to look.My gosh!It was the first time I seen a woman nude in public.

  3. Hey Anonymous, I was tempted to trash the comment (you'd be the first comment for me to do so) but somehow your post sort of relates to Calm One's statement, and probably to my comment re: quality conversations.

    So I'll leave it here as a sort of negative example. heh heh

  4. Anonymous4:10 am

    Blogs are supposed to let people air their views freely leh.Anyway I am just relating an incident I saw.

  5. To anonymous: Sure, you can air your comments freely (i.e. implied responsibly), but must be relevant one mah! :)

    Basically the comments section is like an ongoing conversation. So should stick to the topic. If you want to relate the incident, then post in your own blog.

    Anyway -- just to assure you, I'm only providing clarifications here. It's ok, I'll leave your comments here since it's quite civil. I draw the line at vulgarities, irreponsible statements & spamming only.

  6. Anonymous3:52 am

    yup.i posted it here is only because i wanted to see what are people's reactions to such a n incident.Curious bout it mah the shocked faces of those who witnessed the incident really made me wonder what they were thinking in their heads.By the way i posted in my own blog but attracted no comments or lewd comments therefore i decided to try some other blogs.


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