Thursday, May 05, 2005

If Bandwidth + CPU = 0

James Seng poses this intriguing equation: What if Bandwidth & Computer-processing power approaches Zero (i.e. limitless).

I left a comment in his post, which I've touched up here (what follows are not necessarily related nor in sequence) :
  • Internet replaces TV & radio
  • Rise of a new Art-form
  • It would be common for individuals to create and use (online) 3D-rendered Avatars
  • Advent of Transactions-by-Proxies (where your online Personalities, complete with your psych-profile, carry out shopping and other transactional decisions on your behalf while you sleep or work)
  • Rise of the Bandwidth-Wars
  • Countries are judged not by their size but by the bandwidth they command
  • Power failure causes economic collapse
  • Increased bandwidth gives rise to Info-overkill (beyond overload)
  • Shift from reliance of online to offline (e.g. books)
  • Librarians get paid obscene amounts of money to be consults on how to deal with Info-overkill
  • Librarian charged in court -- guilty of massive data-dump in desperate bid to ensure continued employment
Too much Sci-Fi in my reading diet, I think.


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