Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Curious incident of the dog in the nightime - (READ! Singapore)

And Roxanne blogs about the book even before READ!Singapore was announced.

Let me know if you are blogging about this book, and I'll include your link here. Or post as a comment. Thanks!



  1. I thought you know already mah. That one quite long time ago liao.

  2. Anonymous3:55 am

    i dont know how much help this is... we didnt want to spoil the book so we didnt have any prior reviews... maybe now the book is widely read enough to accomodate spoilerish comments/reviews...

  3. Anonymous11:01 am

    hi librarian

    I had posted a review back in Jan 2005.

    Borrowed the book from NLB Jurong, where I am regular visitor. :) 3~4 books every three weeks. The new organization system, all the fiction books on level 2, makes more sense now. :)

  4. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Hi Ivan! Hmm, still don't quite get how READ! Singapore works. Anyway, regarding this book, I was initially sceptical when I picked it up from the bookstore last year, because it was categorised under teens fiction. Was completely moved by the story. Highly recommended to readers of all ages.

  5. Wow. Actually I'm not surprised that the book is so... blogged about. Personally I got bored/frustrated halfway through when Christopher started starting his sentences with nothing but "And..."

    Effectively reflected the difficulty living with an autistic person?

  6. Oh and thanks for organising the BX meetup. Thought it was a blast.

  7. Wow, you folks are fast. Thanks all. I'm really enjoying the discussions at your blogs.


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