Thursday, May 19, 2005

Meetup is confirmed on Tuesday, 24 May at Toa Payoh Community Library

Previously I'd planned for an early May meet-up for SG Bookcrossing (from SG, not the Yahoogroup). It was pushed back and now I'm happy to say we've confirmed a meet-up on:
Tue, 24 May 2005
6.30pm to 8.30pm
Toa Payoh Community Library - Level 2 Multipurpose Room
(Go to your right once you come up from the main staircase)
Nothing like committing myself via the blog...

This message is really for those who are not in the meetup mailing list. If you are reading this, and you feel like attending the session, please drop by. Though it's a Bookcrossing group, we're not fixing any rules or agenda. No pressure at all.

It's a chance to meet up with people who share a love for reading. You can just show up and content yourself to just listening. You can also come in or leave anytime. Worse come to worse, if you pop in and don't like what you see, just pretend that you walked into the wrong room.

Roxanne and Preetam will be attending. Roxanne would be digging up some books to give away. I've met Preetam, so I'm curious about meeting Roxanne in person... oops, I hope this doesn't put undue pressure on her. Sorry Roxanne & Preetam, for this shameless marketing ploy to use your names. I figured you have more pull than I would.

Guys, I understand Roxanne is not attached... (ok, now she'll really get mad!)

Refreshments will be served, plus pastries & cakes. I'll be there anyway, even if nobody confirms. So if you decide to turn up at the last min, you'll see someone there.

The above sounds like I'm really desperate. Maybe I am. A little anxious, for sure. First time I'm organising a gathering of strangers (all met via online). Maybe some people might share similar anxieties too, about meeting strangers. Decide not to turn up at the last minute.

We shall see. My target is for at least two people to show up. I tell myself it's the quality of sharing, not the number of people who show up.

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  1. thisSideofParadise -- if I see this person eating away and ignoring the discussion, I'll know it's you. But you know it's just 3-in-1 coffee that kind hor? :)

    Roxanne - my wife read your blog post where you wrote "What about my books? Picking up 8 widely scattered books is very anti-climax; it will divert my attention away from my prey and give him an opportunity to run away." Her advice is: "Put all your books in a bag. So that when you drop the books, you only have 1 bag to pick up." Think it'll work? You can try at the meetup. (Guys, if you see this "Char-bor" carrying large bag and dropping all the time, it's Roxanne).

  2. Anonymous4:08 am

    interesting, will go with a friend, expect two blur faces...

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  4. Oh no... missed it... :(

    Sorry 'bout that. How'd it go? Blog about it?

  5. Anonymous10:02 am

    is there going to be another one? sounds very interesting


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