Monday, May 23, 2005

Neil Gaiman might appear at NLB library (or, another example why libraries need to be in touch with the Blogosphere)

Quite a few days ago, thanks to a lead in (posted by ssf), I learnt that Neil Gaiman (of the Sandman fame) would be stopping by in Singapore in July '05. From there, I alerted my Adult & Young People Services librarian colleagues, and one of them took the initiative to check further.

She discovered that the British Council in Singapore was in planning his Singapore's itinerary , and I'm happy to say the library is following up on this. With any luck, Neil Gaiman fans would get to see their favourite author at the public library for a book-signing session.

BTW, the above isn't confirmed, but no harm just giving you a glimpse how public library programmes are planned and implemented by librarians. Librarians (in public libraries, especially) are also Event Organisers, if you will.



  1. Say, why do books (in the library) take such a long time, eg, 2-3 months to process once they're purchased?

    Who (or what, if a committee) decides what books to purchase?

    Are there books that are in certain libraries and not other libraries?

    Why do libraries require two copies of books to be filed if a Singaporean author publishes a book?

    How is the allocation of ISBN decided?

  2. Neil Gaiman!!! Great! Personally I don't read his comics, but I've read all his novels! I like StarDust and American Gods best! I also love Good Omens, which he co-wrote with TP! Pls keep us updated! Got to keep my books ready....

  3. Awesome! Have seen him in person before, but would love to see him again. Pull this off, and you'll get popular very quickly :)

  4. Popular? Nah, will leave this to people who really need it, like Neil Gaiman.


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