Saturday, May 28, 2005

A job interview, from the perspective of the Interviewee (or Blogging is Storytelling epitomised)

Just read Roxanne's post on her recent job interview. She notes a disparity between what she was told about the company culture, and what she actually observed.

In NLB public libraries, one popular collection would be those relating to the "Job Interview" -- on the conduct, protocol, tips and techniques for interviewers and interviewees.

But I've not come across any books (or websites even) that offers a perspective like what Roxanne posted. It's not that she's pointing out something radically new (i.e. interviewees should also observe about the office environment when choosing a company). To me, it's the conversational tone that makes her point more stark.

Her observation was rather subtle actually. She didn't say, "Listen to what the interviewer say. If he mentions "Teamwork" as a buzzword, observe for yourself whether people greet each other in the office." This was what she wrote:
"When we get a project from the client, the whole team brainstorms together to get the concept out... we work very much together as a team."

A guy hurries from the door, with briefcase in hand, to what is presumably his own office desk. No "Good Morning" or "Hello" from him. Nobody deigns to turn their head to notice him either. Nobody talked to anybody for the whole time I was there.

Buzz. Team spirit. It's a lot of spin on words sometimes. But you recognize it when you see it.

This company is out.

She was reflecting on something she observed... very cluetrain-ish. It's posts like Roxanne's that makes me return to trawl the blogosphere for information. It's not just stating a fact or theory or concept.

She was telling us her story!
Blogging is Storytelling epitomised.

One more reason why librarians should blog.



  1. Maybe we should have a storytelling tutorial in the "How To Get More Hits On Your Blog" talk in the yet-to-be -named-singapore-blogger-conference :D

  2. I can pass the message to the organisers. But personally I feel blogging is not about hits. It's about who's reading your blog. I'd counterpropose the title to be "How to get the right people to read your blog".


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