Saturday, May 07, 2005

Books as wedding gifts

Incidentally, AKK commented that her dream wedding gift would be the most up-to-date count of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels in paperback, illustrated by Paul Kidby.

She asked what's mine.

Good question.

I don't know, really.

I've always thought that so long I got married (which I did, and still am), that itself is a gift. Anyway, I was thinking, "What's the ideal wedding gift in the eyes of librarians?" I don't think it would be any different from non-librarians, but one never knows.

Or for those reading this post, I wonder if your wedding gift is anything related to books or learning.



  1. i got a borders gift card once (not as a wedding gift). that was great.

  2. Really... Somehow I never considered getting book vouchers as wedding gifts. Now I know what to do. Thanks!

  3. My uncles get together and give me a Borders gift card every year. This somewhat annoyes me because I never buy from Borders; I prefer to read in the store. If I was going to buy something, I'd buy from Kinokuniya since I like to collect Japanese manga... but it's kinda hard to tell them that I'd prefer a Kino gift voucher instead.

    As a wedding gift, though, a gift voucher (of any kind) seems a little insincere imho. It's almost like a blank check, you're saying "I don't know you well enough to decide what to get, so you go figure it out yourself".

  4. Guess it comes down to how well we know the other person.

    Hey Ketsugi, your uncles bothered to remember your birthday each year, so why are you annoyed? :)

    Why don't you try this (modify as appropriate): "Uncles, I really appreciate your gift each year. Since you are giving me a gift voucher, think it can be from Kinokuniya? There's this maga that I really like..."

    And you give them a thank you card this year in return.

  5. hello! Wandie just told me he tot Josh Kirby was a better illustrator, I know too but he's deceased...

    Nothing beats a good TP book, I would want 1 every Birthday. Incidentally, can I ask something? What happened to all the TP books in NLB??!! There used to be Shelves of Terry Pratchett!! Now only got a few, and all recent novels...
    I've got astigmatism of 450 in both eyes, but I still need to read at least an hour before I an sleep....

  6. Probably weeded out bec. torn and tattered, and not replaced subsequently. What you can do is get in touch with the library and let them know what titles are missing (or just request they look into replenishing the collection). Or email me which library, and I'll let my colleagues know.


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