Thursday, May 19, 2005

Video tutorial on using UB school-wide blog system

Kevin "The Mac Guy" did a video tutorial on using the UB School of Informatics school-wide blog system. The video tutorial runs for almost 25 minutes but you can skip sections (try skipping to the 11th minute and the 20th minute, he talks about RSS).

Their system runs on Wordpress, so even if you are not a UB student, maybe you'll find it useful. Or if you want to match Kevin's face to his voice, run the video!

A few thoughts from watching the video:
  1. Video tutorial is something I have wanted to do for ages. To show people how to use the OPAC, even how to reserve books etc. Any volunteers?
  2. And why not do a "homemade" video-tour of the library? A-la Reality-TV style.
  3. Useful to have an index (with brief annotation) when I run the video. List the video in segments (like a DVD menu). If I want to skip to certain parts of the video, I can.
  4. Consider posting a picture of the speaker. It helps to place a face to the sound and video.
  5. Would be cool to have a Comments feature on the video page. I might want to type in comments while watching.
  6. Or how about an IM chat button?
  7. On using the mouse when doing demos -- have Minimal Movement for the Mouse. And move it slower. It's different when you are on control of the mouse and doing a word document. But the audience will follow the mouse movement. You go in circles, their eyes track in circles.
Great job, Kevin!


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  1. Anonymous12:35 am

    Thanks Ivan. It's a grant project to deploy a schoolwide blog system for students. Hopefully we can package this for schools to use. This isn't the best video really, I did it on the first try, off the cuff.

    For those who want to try their hand at this, I used Camtasia Studio. I think it's the best screen video recorder for Windows to date.


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