Monday, May 16, 2005

IBM's Blogging Guidelines

I understand that Microsoft's guidelines for their employees who blog is "Blog Smart" (please correct me if I'm wrong). Just learnt (via Scoble's post) that:
IBM today is publishing an announcement on its Intranet site encouraging all 320,000+ employees world wide to consider engaging actively in the practice of "blogging"
Source: James Snell, 16 May 3am

I got a bit confused how many points were there in the guidelines -- those listed in the Executive Summary or the Detailed Discussion. Nonetheless, if the guidelines applied to me, they make a lot of sense and clarifies my role as an IBM employee (if I was one).

This is what I can summarise in general (this is my interpretation, not IBM's stated guidelines):
  1. Know and follow the requirements and rules for employee conduct
  2. Don't hide behind anonymity when blogging about work -- but be savvy about protecting yourself and your privacy
  3. Establish your personal voice/ style
  4. Use a disclaimer -- that your views are not necessarily the views of the orgnisation
  5. The blog is not corporate communications
  6. Managers & executives should not use blogs to communicate organisation policies to employees
  7. Copyright rule applies
  8. Privacy rules apply
  9. Confidentiality rules apply
  10. Ask for permission when citing partners, suppliers, customers
  11. What you blog should add value to the business
  12. Don't pick fights, or start one
  13. Be the first to admit that you are wrong, or correct your mistakes
  14. Use your best judgement -- but ultimately you have sole responsibility for what you blog
  15. Don't let blogging interfere with your job
Read James Snell's post for the details.

The guidelines are a lot more detailed than what Karen Schneider suggested (see my previous post). I think 15 points aren't too bad for a set of guidelines.

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  1. Anonymous4:11 am

    Yes, you are correct about Microsoft's blogging policy. :)

    Those 15 don't seem too bad. Good for IBM. I don't necessarily mind our (MSFT) policy about blogging, but on one hand it might be nice to have a more official policy or list of guidelines that we could follow. Although I haven't heard of anyone getting in serious trouble for blogging around here.


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