Friday, May 27, 2005

Live radio interview on 93.8 FM tomorrow

Am scheduled with another colleague of mine for a 'live' radio interview tomorrow afternoon, with Ms. Susan Ng from Parenting Today, on NewsRadio 93.8 FM.

Susan, who's one of the Reading Ambassadors for READ! Singapore, will meet us for a chat before the show (which starts at 1.08 pm).

The talkshow is on the importance of inculcating a love for reading in children and teenagers. We'll be speaking for the first half of the show (22 minutes to be exact) after which my CE would come on air to talk specifically about READ! Singapore.

My colleague is Ms. Zubaidah Moshen. She heads the Children's Services while I manage the Adult & Young People Services (both of us are from the NLB Public Library Services division). Zubaidah is an expert in her area. I'll try my darnest to sound as if I know what I'm talking about.

Let's see, I am not a parent (unless I consider my smelly Max a teen. He's about the right age in dog years). I think I'll talk about my own experience as a teen where reading is concerned.

I've been interviewed by newspaper & TV reporters, and once for radio (over the telephone). But 'live' radio will be my first. I'll try not to put my foot where my mouth is on national radio. Must also remember to breathe during the interview...

Last minute tips, anyone?

BTW, if I do botch the radio interview, what's the worse that could happen to me? I'll become infamous (which is still some fame of sorts). I could blog a post about it on what NOT to say on 'live' radio. I could conduct workshops on how NOT to act on 'live' radio... ah, power of positive thinking.

Or is that delusion? Heh heh.


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