Monday, May 30, 2005

Outreach activity at National Family Week, 2005

Some people ask what librarians (in the Public Library Services) do as part of our job. Here's one example -- we conduct outreach activities to raise awareness of library services.

Today was the launch of National Family Week 2005 at the Singapore Expo. NLB was invited by the MCYS organisers to set up a booth.

For this particular event, my colleagues brought books down, where library members could borrow on the spot. Also some giveaways to people who answered some quiz questions relating to the library services.

National Family Week outreach2

The next picture shows my colleague from Children Services, Siew San, conducting a storytelling session.

National Family Week outreach1

I observed that the adults were as participative as the kids. Most fitting for "National Family Week". Siew San did an excellent job telling the story, eliciting chuckles from a grandma in the audience (not in the picture).

OK, here's the unglamorous part that most people don't realise. Public Libary staff have to spend time away from their own family on weekends like today. If it's not an event like this, then it's being rostered at the public library (each staff typically work a maximum of two Sundays per month).

Just stating the reality of what it means to be in the public library services.

But it's up to the individual. You need to have a passion for the job.


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