Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Would Google like to work with public libraries for this?

Gmail Engineer Jared Jacobs posted about his work on Gmail Clips:
Starting this week, you can see headlines from your favorite blogs and news sites right above your Inbox. Gmail tips and relevant text ads appear from time to time as well...

... No new mail? Great, then I have time to read why pasta is made in different shapes. And even if I do have mail I should be getting to, maybe I'm in the mood to digress for a moment and investigate The Divine Secrets of the Cycle Commuter.

Confession time -- I'm a borderline "email addict". Well, "Information Addict" is more like it. I check my mails to see what's new that can learn today, be it emails from friends or strangers who leave comments in my blog.

I've a proposal for Jared -- why not work with public libraries on the Gmail Clips feature? For instance:
  • Links to the public library's catalogue of related books, materials or eBook collection. I'm not talking about the Million Book Project here. I'm talking about promoting the public library's collection to the gmail user
  • Refer the Gmail user to public library in their geographical location. Not sure where's the nearest public library? Google-Map it! (how about one for Singapore libraries?)
  • How about RSS feed from the library (if their local library provides one. Mine does!)
I bet Jared would become the darling of libraries if he makes that happen.


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