Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Surveys: Insurance needs of (1) young parents and (2) young people

NTUC CEO posted 2 surveys in his blog:
  • Insurance needs of young parents - "108 people aged 30-40 replied to our I-survey. 71% are married with children, and 29% are either married with no children or are singles. 90% are working, and 10% are either self-employed or are looking for a job."
  • Insurance needs of young people - "146 young people aged 20-30 repled to our survey. 85% are employed. 15% are still studying or looking for a job."

It's an excellent initiative to share such info via a blog. Such blog posts are potentially useful information sources for library customers (e.g. students). I don't believe Insurance companies operating in Singapore ever provide survey data in their corporate websites.

Mr. Tan might want to consider the following suggestions for future posts relating to surveys:
  1. Provide information on the survey methodology (this provides greater context to the data);
  2. Use free tools like Flickr.com to present the data as graphs or charts;
  3. Provide a fuller report (not necessarily the full report) over at the NTUC Income corporate website, while the blog post acts as summary and/ or with his personal take on the data.

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  1. I think its a great move by Income's CEO. This helps to give an idea to insurance customers like us what the concerns of different demographic groups are.

    To improve the response rates to surveys (ie make it more representative), it may be good to incentivise members slightly.

    For our survey of e-Museum card members (Ivan, have you joined yet? :)), we got 1,800 responses in less than a week out of a database of 40,000 members. That's almost 5% which is fab for surveys, considering our prize was just 3 Swensen's vouchers worth $50 each. I believe they are genuinely interested to give their views.


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