Monday, July 17, 2006

"See, Do, Hear" Podcasting workshop: MICA Innovation Fiesta

Doing last minute work for the podcasting workshop I'm conducting tomorrow, as part of the MICA Innovation Fiesta 2006 series of courses (open to MICA employees). This is my second year involved in the Innovation Fiesta. Last year I did a blogging course with my colleague, Rajen. This year, Rajen asked if I could conduct a workshop and I agreed (eventually... heh).

This being a podcasting workshop, I thought it'll be nice to do the introduction using an actual podcast. Here it is:

powered by ODEO
(Basic course details, and script of the podcast, here).

Essentially the workshop will be split into 3 main parts:
Part 1: Listening to Podcasts
- Where to find them
- How to listen to them
- Subscribing to RSS feeds

Part 2: Producing podcasts [Group-activity]
- Planning & scripting
- Recording & editing the audio
- Uploading & sharing

Part 3: Discussion/ wrap-up
- Applications for work & play (i.e. why do it?)
- Tips on producing a podcast

The critical of the workshop would be the hands-on portion. I intend to break up the 45 confirmed participants (I expect at least 30 to turn up) into smaller groups of 5 to 8, and then get them to do Part 2. The challenge is to manage this portion within 45mins (it's not a computer lab, but a lecture room with only one Internet terminal). I'm assuming at least one group will be game enough to do a 'live' recording and I hope to upload the file to

I'll certainly have to play by ear w.r.t. actually conducting the workshop. Will see how it goes.

(And then the following day, I'll be conducting a blog-related course for members of the Library Association of Singapore. Will blog about that one later... much later).


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