Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Post-workshop reflection: MICA Innovation Fiesta 2006 - Basics of Podcasting Workshop

They saw, they did, they heard. Heh heh.

The "See, Do, Hear" podcasting workshop this afternoon went well, thanks to the active participation from the 30 to 40 people who attended (didn't have time to count).
MICA Innovation Fiesta - Podcasting Workshop

We did the group activity as planned, and even managed to get one recorded and uploaded. Here's what Mr. Philip Lim so sportingly recorded and gave permission to feature as a podcast: Philip's First Podcast - On "Customer Service" (script by Ms. C. Yip):

powered by ODEO

The participants broke up into groups, drafted and rehearsed their scripts (within 30mins). Then each group presented their "show" and the audience voted for what they thought was the best one. Philip's group was selected and he very sportingly came up the the terminal, did the recording in one take. Edited out some awkward pauses, showed them how to upload to Odeo.com, topped off with discussion session.


Links of the sites and resources featured in the workshop have been updated to BlogCourseDemo.

Now I need to get to work and touch up on tomorrow's workshop for Library Association of Singapore.

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