Thursday, July 13, 2006

Damien the liblogarian's "I Am Singaporean" post

Here's my colleague Damien's "I Am Singaporean" blog post (not podcast though), where he focuses on being a Rat (er, read his post to get what I meant, heh).

Incidentally, Damien ("I have been a Librarian since 2000 A.D. and I am proud to be one") wrote that he started on the meme not because of the "Mr Brown incident" -- hmm... neither did I. Never did see the "I Am Singaporean" meme as part of that episode, and personally I don't think anyone should.

Anyway... maybe after this, Damien and I could continue with the "I Am A Librarian" meme. But I don't think I'm prepared to do a video like what Filipino Librarian did!

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  1. haha! i should've recorded you on video when i was there =)

  2. I wouldn't have let you, Von :)


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